I am in Love with my Bestfriend’s Boyfriend – Part 3 – He ALMOST F#CKED Me at the Party & I wanted him


I am in Love with my Bestfriend’s Boyfriend – Part 3 – He ALMOST F#CKED Me at the Party & I wanted him. This is a continuation from part 2 so i suggest you read that first to understand this section better.

Puzzled l just looked at him. He came closer and it wasnt until he got inches from me that l realised this talking wasn’t going as planned. He held my face , l looked up feeling my body roar with excitement and anticipation. He just gazed at me in what seemed like eternity then, he pulled back and said …. It wasnt a mistake but it just wasnt good, and l just wanted to apologise if l meant any disrespect but l do have the outmost respect for u, and l do understand if you decide to tell Rumbi , but l do love her and l promise to do better….. For some reason my heart sank l felt as though l was caught up in those sad tragic love movies.

But instead l smiled and said … “Good , now we can go back to being buddies hey, no stress l am ok… “After that we talked a bit more mostly about his upcoming birthday then he left.
I took a 30 minute shower that night. I realised what l needed. S-E-X ,maybe l was just H0RNY it had been ages after all so that explains it, l thought to myself. Question now was who. I needed a date for Sean’s birthday party.
Next day l woke up a little optimistic, l sat in my office going through all my contacts .. Hope shriveled as l went down the alphabet. Finally l thought of one of my workmate’s brother who l was supposed to be hooked up with but cancelled the date before l met him. I called him up and booked a coffee date, l didn’t want to rush into dinner just incase his ugly l would just make up an excuse to go back to work.
I went to meet him and as l walked into the room l was surely certain that this dude would either be ugly and rich or a pretty boy so broke even a church mouse would be deemed richer. I saw a guy waving at me indicating he knew me so l started walking over and as l walked over l had to admit he wasn’t half bad. His suit was the right size, he didn’t wear too much cologne or unnecessary jewelry. He just looked nice. So l asked if he was Malcom and he said yea and pulled a chair for me. A point for him l thought.

He was talkative but in a good way. I asked him about his goals ambition and so forth and was quite impressed. He walked me to my car and we said our goodbyes. I could say he had the right qualities in a guy that any woman would want, he had his own business, had worked hard and graduated top of his class at UCT business school. And also it was a relief that he didn’t stay with his mother.
Days went by and on occasion l would run into Sean and we would talk and laugh then l would go home wanting him so bad but l thought hey l finally had a good guy in my life Sean would fade into the darkness. Atleast l hoped but who knows…

Sean ‘s birthday arrived and l had RSVP with a plus 1. It had been a month since me and Malcom had met for the first time so it was our first public appearance yet but funny thing l knew Malcom liked me but he hadn’t said much about it.

That night l got dressed in my white evening gown, l had gotten it made ages ago but l still loved it. It brought out the African side of my structure, the curves, a$$ and B00BS and l just felt so pretty in it with my black clutch bag.

When Malcom came to pick me up he stood there staring at me, that’s the moment l knew he wanted me. We got to the party and we were a bit late for dinner. The party was help at Sean’s parents’ house. They had lots of money owing to shares in various companies like Sasol etc. The maid let us in and as l walked in l could feel Sean’s eyes boring through my beautiful dress.

Everyone was friendly and dinner was lovely. Cocktails came and people were by the pool giving Sean presents. It was then l realised l left mine at home. Oh crap now it will seem like l only came for the 5 star cusine that we just ate …
After gift giving l walked up to Sean and asked him if l could perhaps drop my gift tomorrow . He just smiled and said lets take a walk. We started walking towards the trees. We talked about all sorts of things that were probably nothing but both of us just went with it. We got to the edge of their property and by now the party feels like its somewhere else and me and him are just there.
My breathing went up for no reason or maybe it was the mere realisation that we were alone.
He said .. “You look beautiful tonight..”
I just smiled and he looked at me with those eyes that make the world stop. We started kissing. At first it was that slow unsure of yourself kiss. Feeling his slow breath as he wrapped his hands around my waist. My knees buckled and he just carried me like l weighed a feather and put me on the wet lawn.

The kiss turned into a need for more, its like l couldn’t get enough of him. I took his shirt off, f eeling on him, he unzipped my dress, at this point l can hear in my head desperately trying to tell me to stop, but l wanted this man and nothing-else seemed important. He held me up and started kissing my neck, oh gosh this is happening l could hear my thoughts far away. As he was pulling my dress down l hear a distant voice … Sean!!!! Sean!!!!!
I stopped breathing……..

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