Man causes havoc after bedding 10 women in the same area


A Seke man reportedly wrecked four marriages ,bedding women while masquerading as a member of the Central Intelligence Organisation. Reevson Simbini’s shenanigans have left villagers in the Zan’anga Village under Chief Seke with no option but to summon him for a meeting.

Relatives of the people who suffered much through Reevson’s shenanigans recently convened a meeting at Village Head David Shonhiwa’s homestead to map a way forward.

To date ,Reevson is alleged to have bedded more than 10 women in the area and wrecked more than four marriages,snatching the women and renting them in different places. He admitted to impregnating Gray Kabuya’s wife Priscilla Mbano who has since given birth to a child on March 24. Mbanos husband is staying in South Africa and he is renting a place for her somewhere in Dema.

Arrundel Shonhiwa,30,the son to Village Head Shonhiwa,was left a bachelor in November last year when Reevson dated his wife and later snatched her. Another girl,Nolleen Tapfumaneyi was reportedly impregnated by Reevson,while Sindi Mhlope,20,from Kwekwe was chased away by her lover for having an affair with him. Reports are that Reevson has made life a hell on earth for many who believe that he owns love concoctions.

“This man must have juju that lures married women and girls to have se_x with him ,”said Arrundel.

“I don’t understand how he does his dirty games but just to think that my wife left me for him is unbelievable.There is nothing special that you may think could be the source of his powers.

“He took my wife in November last year.This was after his wife answered a call made by my wife.Reevson is our nephew and his wife came demanding answers from my wife saying ambuya murikudanana nemurume wangu,” recalls Arrundel.

The father of two said ,”I asked her to prove her allegations and she said she had discovered love messages in her husbands phone.My wife’s number was saved as Gogo wekwaSabhuku and she (Reevson’s wife)called to verify if it was true and my wife replied saying she was not and was actually in Gokwe.

“My wife asked for my phone and she went to call outside.Reevsons wife came before 7pm and I checked on the dialled numbers to see who my wife had called and discovered it was him,”said Arrundel. This was the beginning of their marital problems .

My wife’s sister came and took her to her home.They returned the following morning and admitted that Priscilla was having an affair ,”he said.

Tafadzwa,younger brother to Gray,said the latter came home in January and spent 10 days before he returned to SA.

“My brother came home and left after a short period.We discovered that Priscilla was pregnant but she denied the accusations only to admit later after further scrutiny.

“However ,to our surprise ,she claimed my brother was responsible ,but we traced the period and realised that she conceived last year.” Cosmas,elder brother to Gray said ,”The illicit affair came to light on March 24 after we suspected that she was pregnant.

“We asked her to prepare so that we could go for a scan.I think she had been tying the bulging stomach when her shenanigans were exposed.

” Cosmas’s mother Gogo Kabuya gave a detailed account of how her daughter in law gave birth in their toilet. “Musi uyu aiti ane manyoka saka aingoenda kutoilet kasingaperi inini ndainge ndiri mumunda pandakashevedzwa naiye arimo.Ndakapinda ndokuwana mwana ari paside pegomba,anenge aitoda kumudonhedzeramo.

“Muroora wangu ainge atodambura kare rukuchute,”she said fighting back tears. Nolleen,believed to be impregnated by Reevson ,poured cold water on the allegations.

“I’m not carrying Reevsons baby .He only proposed but I turned him down ,”she said .

However ,this did not go down well with her mother who demanded answers saying if she was pregnant she must take her bags and elope to Reevson.

“I heard the news from her brother in the morning and I asked her to come here (at the meeting)to get the truth .If she is pregnant ,she should go to her husband,”she charged.

Paidamoyo Warirai,an aunt to 20-year-old Sindi Mhlope,said they chased her back to Kwekwe after getting the news.

“Sindi was staying with my young sister and was asked to go back home to Kwekwe after we came to know that she was having an affair with Reevson,’she said.

Other villagers also concurred saying they saw Sindi kissing Reevson on several occasions in his car before they left to have quality time at secluded areas. Village head Shonhiwa was at a loss of words after his daughter in law was snatched .

“I am at pains because of what happened to my daughter in law who left for another man.She went with my grandchild and my son is being forced to take care of another man’s child and is now paying maintenance .

“The only thing I am going to do now is get in touch with Chief Seke to map the way forward,if the solution is to kick Livingstone out my Village,I will do so ,”he said. Contacted for comment ,Reevson threatened this reporter.

“Eeeh varume ibvai pamba pangu ikozvino nekuti pane zvinhu zvangu zvakabiwa saka munogona kupinda panguva yakaoma,” he said .

The matter is still to be heard before Chief Seke.


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