Mboro yeKUBA inonaka!!! – Married Woman Confesses


Mboro yeKUBA inonaka!!! – Married Woman Confesses. I am that type of woman who is independent though i am married. Murume wangu is OK with it when i go out with my girlfriends and party the night away in Harare’s Elite Clubs. Munhu is only faithful to a point and once watester mboro yemusango hauchatye and you don’t want to STOP.

Zvakatangira when we went kumaRasta kuRed Fox one Sunday. I met this man, Kevy who asked me to dance and i said yes. We danced and drank tichifara hedu, it was all innocent. We exchanged numbers and went about our different paths. Nyaya yakazotanga paApp, Kevy sent a message: “paya pataitamba i wanted to grab magaro ako” Ndakatora nguva refu ndisati ndapindura thinking just how much or how far i wanted to take this. I thought, “let me play along what can be so difficult, maybe i will never see this man again

So i asked him: “who stopped you? Dai wakatobata maybe waiwana surprise coz ndanga ndisina panty!” I pressed send but by that time ndanga ndatotota ndakutonzwa kuda kuita nyaya DzaBonde. He replied akati “next time i won’t make the same mistake!”.

We chatted some more and the chats were getting naughty and naughty. I was bored one day and thought of looking for Kevy online with a surprise so i just sent him a picture ndisina kupfeka ndikati: “huya utore beche

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