Murume arikuramba Beche please help me Tete Molly


Murume arikuramba Beche please help me Tete Molly. This is a first i am hearing this, read the story below of a married woman facing challenges in her home.

Question: How are you Tete Molly, my name is Tashy and i have been married 5 years. Murume wangu musoja and akaenda kuMission kuKosovo last year and when he came but everything changed. I was happy to see my husband but he acted like he was not even here. So much to say our bedroom life changed. Since he came back, its been 4 months now and haadi kundisvira. I have tried all i can and still he is not opening up to me. Kuseducer i tried and its not working, i have a very sexxy body so i am surprised kuti sei pasina sviro. I go to bath come back inside the hose ndisina kupfeka and show off but its like he can’t see me… Please help me i am tired of this i need sviro… I am this close to CHEATING!

Answer: This is serious my dear… firstly he might have been affected by what he saw on his mission so i suggest give it time. But also 4 months that means you have already given him some time. So i suggest tell him what you want and give him an ultimatum so to say. “svira or i walk” something like that… if he doesn’t respond to that then you have a serious problem,…. I suggest go kwatete and set up a meeting and ask him what is happening in his life….  Thank you hope that works… Come back and tell us what happens…

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