NDAKASVIRA Mainini vangu my mother’s Sister – CONFESSIONS OF A TROUBLED MAN


NDAKASVIRA Mainini vangu my mother’s Sister – CONFESSIONS OF A TROUBLED MAN. I know a lot of men and women will probably say bad things about me but hey i don’t enjoy what happened or rather what i have been doing. Mainini vangu was around my age and we grew up together achichengetwa nemaparents angu. Saka we grew up takajairirana and so hazvina kunetsa kuti tigotanga kubatana mazamu.

She grew up quickly than me zvekuti ivo was kumberi pakuda kuiswa. At first i was afraid but she pushed me or rather teased me to the point of no return. Ndakamusvira first time and that is when i was 16 years old and now i am 27 and tichirikungosvirana chete. To be honest i don’t know how to stop this. She is now married and i have a girlfriend but we meet once or twice a week tosvirana kuHotel or kumba kwangu and a few times mumota.

My issue is i am not enjoying this anymore but she is ok with it and doesn’t want to stop she even threatened to reveal the secret to my mum and dad. She came to my house the other day and she followed me to the shower and i said no then she got angry and threatened to tell my girlfriend who was right outside. How did i get into this situation i keep asking myself. I was young but it doesn’t excuse what i did and what we still doing…

Please anyone who can help me get out of this tell me via comments and i would be very grateful… Masasi eHarare thanks for sharing my story, lots of men vanofarira nhau dzesviro but mine though inesviro i am not proud about it ndoda kuti zvipere. Attached is a picture yaMainini vangu, maybe that is why ndichitadza kuvaramba coz haa kubatana kwacho kunokonzera addiction chaiyo…

Please help me…. Thanks for sharing my story…

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