OMG!!! Chipo Aive ne Matinji anouraya munhu – Ndakamusvirira paBeach KuDurban Part 2


Ndakatanga kumusvira zvakasimba and ndokutundira mukati make. Ndichipedza akasimuka ndokupfeka kashort kake ndokumhanya kumvura. Ndakamutevera after ndarecover ndokusvika ndichingomukisser. Akamboda kuramba asi akatanga kundikisser zvakare. Akati lets go back to the hotel and we started walking slowly. Takasvika zvikanzi lets go wash off the sand and salt ndikati no problem and ndokupinda tese mushower. Takagezana ndokusvirana futi mushower imomo after adya mboro yangu kusvika yamira.

Hatina kumira kusvirana, husiku kwese takasvirana kusvika mboro yakurwadza……. Read Part 1 first… Part 2 starts here…. I woke up but i thought i was dreaming ndainzwa kunge mboro yangu ichidyiwa, i looked down and saw Chipo my married colleague aribusy kudya mboro. She looked at me with a serious look that i didn’t know what it meant. Ndakazvitsunya to make sure that i was awake and i noticed kuti shuwa one of my dreams was coming true. It has always been my dream to wake up mukadzi achidya mboro yangu. She kept her serious look and ndokuyamwa mboro iya zvine power.


Pasina maminutes tsaa tsaa tsaa ndakatunda 3 heavy blasts zvekuti iya akatokachidzwa achizama kumedza zvese. Akapedza kumedza ndokunanzva mboro yangu kusvika yachena ndokuidzosera muboxer short. She didn’t say a word to me and stood and headed towards the bathroom. She was in there a long time… Who could blame her the bathroom looked elegant and the Tub was big enough to sleep in. After about an hour i saw her coming out smiling and said “i think i like you a little too much” she struggled to get these words out. Technically it was all wrong what we did and because at work we were not allowed to be romantically involved, the idea of liking Chipo or having a relationship with her never crossed my mind.

But the moment she said that feeling came flooding in and i knew at that moment that even though she was married i loved her but i never realised it. I stood up walked towards her and hugged her. She smiled when she noticed that the feeling was mutual. I whispered in her ear… “But scene rekuBeach i want seconds” akaseka but i was shocked when she replied achiti “me too…. i never thought in a thousand years it would be me doing that but hey after yesterday everything is possible” We stood there in arms thinking the World belonged to us and only us. We forgot all our problems and wanted to focus on the present.

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I was feeling hungry from all the morning hard work though it was Chipo who did most of the work, so we ordered food and ate talking getting to know each other better. When we finished eating takagara hedu relaxing for about an hour until Chipo stood ndokuti “are you ready fro round 2 at the beach?” Ndairamba ndichitii ndakangoti YES with my excited voice and stood rushing after her. Akamhanyira kuBedroom and i followed her. Ndakawana akarara paBed ndokurara pamusoro pake, akanyepera kurwisa rwisa kunge arikuona bhinya kusvika kurwisa kuya kwapera. Akanditarisa pamaziso and kissed me deep. She stopped looked at me again and said “i love you, you know that?” I was shocked at how fast we moved from i like you to i love you but i knew why it had to be said. What happened at the beach changed everything especially our work relationship and sviro between us.

She looked at me kissed me again and said… “we have unfinished business at the beach” I knew what she meant so we grabbed our stuff and went out the door. This day the beach was packed, they were people from all over the World who had come to enjoy themselves in Durban, it was nice… The mixed cultures, the young and the old, the beautiful women… i had to look though i knew Chipo was one of them. We had fun playing in the water and for the first time we were taking photos. Never in our trips did we get time to take pics… i think sviro changed everything……

Ndakatarisa watch ndikaona 5PM but beach was still packed.. Ndakatya ndikafunga kuti no more sviro pabeach nhasi but i was wrong Chipo was in control and kana iye ati sviro iripo then its there. We chilled for a bit and we started walking towards the opposite direction of where the crowds were. We reached a nice spot and settled there. We laid down and started talking hedu. Akanditarisa akati “you never responded when i told you that i loved you, i know its too much to take in escpecially in one day and considering that i am married…. ” she was talking so fast that i actually had to kiss her to make her stop. I looked at her and smiled and whispered… “Chipo i love you too… ” She smiled and hugged me… i din’t know what this meant…

To be continued….

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