Punani at Office Party – She was more than just a Secretary


Punani at Office Party – She was more than just a Secretary, she was more of a goddess after she changed those office Clothes. I saw her dancing in that bikini and a mask and i knew Jenny was not just the innocent secretary we knew her to be… I was not surprised when punani was flying all over after she had a few drinks… She surely was letting loose.

Starting from the beginning, We have a company party on weekends after every financial year. This time the party was going to be held at a Safari Lodge somewhere in Pretoria. So Jenny was one of the secretaries at the firm, she was the type that only smiled when it was necessary and always kept a straight face. According to the office gossip, she was an uptight B*tch!

So the day of the party arrived and we were having a blast and everyone gathered around when the lead Partner gave a speech. He finished with a toast and disappeared into the back where his wife was waiting for him… she was a hottie. With the BOSS gone everyone was getting upto mischief… Office romance is not allowed in the firm but we know that people hook up at these parties for some punani exploring.


The lodge was perfect with villas and chalets built in a semi circle with a pool in between. So seeing this and the warm weather a drunk Jenny came out screaming rushing towards the pool. She was in her Jeans and stood by the pool and gave everyone a show they will never forget. She slow danced and took off her top and bottom. She was left in a nice bikini…

Laughing she grabbed a mask from the beautiful Paula who was standing close to her… Paula was from Brazil, she loved to wear that carnival kind of dressing. She had a killer body so showing off was not an issue for her… So Jenny kept on dancing and showing off… She took a moment sampled the water to feel if it was cold or not and in a split second dove into the pool… She came out looking amazing like the movie stars that we see on TV…

People were shouting and screaming at this point and she didn’t care she kept up the show. Next thing is Paula is up there with her… They started dancing together or rather dirty dancing together. Paula was way too forward than Jenny so it was no shock when she reached over and removed the mask from Jenny’s face then kissed her. A Shocked Jenny just stood there recapping everything that just happened. But within moments she started acting like a switched was switched on within her… She shocked everyone when she yanked the bikini down and off it went and fell into my face… I grabbed it hid i in my pocket. She stood there dancing looking straight at Paula punani on display… Everyone cheered and just like that Paula looked at the crowd that had gathered and waved at us as she took Jenny by the hand and led her towards one of the Chalets… That was it for that day we didn’t see Jenny or Paula till next Monday and she refused to share the details of what happened in the rooms… She is no longer the innocent secretary we thought she was… more like the office S-L-U-T!

Thanks for reading my story… Joe…

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