Sexxy Secretary Talent ane B00TY inokonzeresa MuOffice – Part 1


Sexxy Secretary Talent  ane B00TY inokonzeresa MuOffice – Part 1. Murume wese anoti i will never CHEAT anonyepa its only kuti he has never been in a tempting situation. Talent akauya kuzoshanda saSecretary pabasa pedu and she was a real live walking temptation.

Ndayimuona everyday and garo rake rayikonzeresa. Ndaiti ndikasvika kubasa zvainetsa kuita basa kana aripadhuze coz all i could look at was garo rake. Mblambi yangu yaimira just nekungomuona. I love my wife and i would never cheat on her but after ndaona Talent i was definitely tempted to cheat. Aizoti akataura voice rake rainge voice rengirozi, ndainzwa kunyatsofara mukati mangu paanoti “Good Morning Sir”.

Talent wemazigaro nekanyini maihwe munongonzwa!!! - Married Man reveals Chihure chake

Ndiyo picture yandayiona when ever i closed my eyes. Ndaiti kana ndichiromancer madam kumba ndayiona Talent  and i felt bad. I didn’t have anyone to share this with and the more yandayimuona the more i got deeper. Ndanga ndakuita mafantasies esviro naBaby uyu.

One day akauya muOffice mangu anekahembe kanobata kapfupi and i went crazy. Ndakangomuti “dai waiziva zvaunondiita nebooty yako iyo, haa ma1” Akangosekerera and went about her business. I didn’t know what to make of this but i was pretty sure she was not offended. Ndakaziva kuti pamwe one day i can be lucky but crossing that line kubasa would have been a RISK. As a manager i didn’t know how to approach this B00TILICIOUS Sexxy Secretary.

One day muyedzo wakakura when ini and Talent were sent on a Seminar to Vic Falls. Takasvika and checked in our rooms pa some Rainbow Hotel. We had different rooms but next to each other. Munhu ane maAssets iyeye and ndaiva pamuyedzo for sure. She kept smiling at me the whole trip and i lost it. I am sure mboro yangu yanga yakamira all the way tirimundege. Anyways when we were paHotel i made a move again but it was just a way to find out if she had a man in her life….

Ndakamuti “i am sure your bf is missing you right now”, she laughed and plainly said… “just ask me straight if i have a man” i acted surprised but knew i was caught so i just asked: “Talent do you have a boyfriend?” She replied smiling “Mr you think with an A$$ like this i would be single?” she stood up from the table we were seated on having dinner and went to her room. I didn’t see her till the morning but i am pretty sure i was with her in my dreams. Her B00TY is all i saw the whole night and maFantasy esviro was all i had. Ndakafonerwa naMadam kumba and i could not even focus coz my mind was flooded with Talent and her amazing ASSets…..

Watch out for Part 2 Coming soon….

Sexxy Secretary Talent ane B00TY inokonzeresa MuOffice – Part 2

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