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Tag: Alick Macheso


Why Macheso breaks down on stage

Alick Macheso has, on some occasions, shed tears on stage while playing the song “Baba” from his current album “Tsoka Dzerwendo” and speculation has...

Alick Macheso to sue fellow musician

Alick Macheso has stated he is considering taking legal action against musician Ronnie Mudhindo who accused him of bribing radio DJs to have his...

Macheso bares soul speaks on how divorce from Tafadzwa affected him

ON June 10 celebrated sungura artiste, Alick Macheso, turned 48. A series of birthday shows were held but one stood out — a Friday gig...

I’ll defend sungura to the grave — Macheso

The emergence of powerful genres like Zimdancehall has threatened sungura music. Sungura’s upcoming musicians have found it difficult to make it big on the music...

Macheso breaks down and cries on stage

SUNGURA music maestro, Alick Macheso wept on stage last Friday at Pick N Save in Mutare after he was overwhelmed by emotions, as he...

Massive bash for Macheso’s birthday

On June 10 sungura ace Alick Macheso celebrates his 48th birthday and a massive bash has been set for the musician’s big day at...

Macheso learns to do showbiz

It is hardly artistic genius, rather, aggressive marketing and a saleable Brand Macheso are responsible for the commercial success of sungura ace Alick Macheso’s...
Alick Macheso

Macheso to launch new album on cassette

SUNGURA ace Alick Macheso has honoured a request by his multitude of fans to unveil his latest album, Tsoka Dzerwendo, on cassettes and online. Macheso’s...
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The true REASON Macheso WAITED 4 years to RELEASE an ALBUM

ALL things being equal, would have released his album last year.However,The new members of Orchestra Mberikwazvo struggled to reach the minimum levels set by...
Alick Macheso

Macheso finalises new album

For almost four years sungura ace Alick Macheso did not give his fans a new project and his followers have been patiently waiting for...
Alick Macheso

Zimbabwean Celebrities and their real names

VARIOUS musicians and artistes have emerged from different genres, but it is amazing that some carry on with their careers with fans not knowing...


Sungura music star Alick Macheso says if you are a farmer and always having problems with baboons stealing your maize, change tactics and grow...
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Alick Macheso announces when he is DROPPING NEW ALBUM

Sungura Maestro Alick Macheso is aware that his fans are no longer patient with his delay to release a new album. Macheso who last...
Alick Macheso and Winky D in South Africa

Alick Macheso shares pictures with Winky D in South Africa

Alick Macheso shares pictures with Winky D in South Africa. The Zimbabwe Sungura King is in South Africa this weekend. He posted pictures on...

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