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Tag: Beitbridge Border Post


Police moves in quickly and restored order at Beitbridge Border Post

RIOT police moved in quickly and restored order at the Beitbridge Border Post on Tuesday after disgruntled truckers and travellers threatened violence in protest...

Zimbabwe borders “crowded, corrupt and disorganized – dry inhospitable place

After three days in Johannesburg my wife and I set out from Pretoria to drive to the border on our way home. Our borders...

Cops blamed for Greyhound driver death

THE family of a driver who on Friday was crushed to death by a Bulawayo-bound Greyhound bus have alleged off-duty police officers who mounted...

Shutdown call hurts Beitbridge border business

Business at the Beitbridge Border Post, a hub of regional trade, has slumped in the wake of a call to shut down all of...
beitbridge protests

Political activists behind Beitbridge Border violence

Police have arrested 71 people in connection with last Friday’s violence in Beitbridge, with emerging evidence linking the disturbances to a sinister “third force”....

Beitbridge Border Post not closed – ZIMRA

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) and the Department of Immigration are advising members of the public that contrary to some reports circulating in the...

Zimbabwean police shut down Beitbridge border post

Business is at a standstill at the Beitbridge border post after police reportedly barricaded the entry point from South Africa early Friday morning. Unconfirmed reports...

Beitbridge demo – Updates

Protests in Beitbridge border post have kick started with hundreds of people picketing outside immigration offices. Residents are protesting Zimra's ban on imports.            

Cargo pilling up at Beitbridge as importers struggle for permits

Commercial cargo has been stuck at Beitbridge Border Post for the past seven days as importers struggle to get permits to ship goods that...

Men arrested with bullets at border post

Two cross border transporters have been arrested at Beitbridge Border Post with a huge consignment of bullets. The two yet to be identified men are...

32 cross border traders arrested for Beitbridge protests

POLICE in Gweru on Tuesday arrested 32 cross border traders returning from South Africa, the Coalition of Traders Association (COTA) has revealed. The arrest follows...

Zimbas cause chaos at Beitbridge over import ban

Watch video of the chaos that ensued at Beitbridge Border Post after government after shoppers and cross-border traders threatened to beat up customs officials...

Cops,Immigration officials arrested for corruption at Beitbridge Border Post

SOUTH African police said Thursday that cops, immigration officers and clearing agents stationed at the Beitbridge border with Zimbabwe were arrested on charges of...

Corruption rocks Beitbridge border post

Mthwakazi Republic Party has alleged that it received reports from members who have been forced to pay bribes at the Beitbridge border post and...
Beitbridge Border Post

Chaos at Beitbridge Border Post

THE number of travellers who left the country through Beitbridge Border Post shot to a record 295,623 in the past 10 days as scores...

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