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THE Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) claims bond notes are now being sold in Botswana, bringing to four the number of Sadc countries where...

Govt refuses to accept its own bond notes

After spending thousands of dollars advertising and bringing awareness to the public about the introduction of bond notes, it seems Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe...

Citizen threatened to take Finance minister PATRICK CHINAMASA to court ...

President Robert Mugabe’s government has been thrown into a fresh bond notes quandary after a citizen threatened to take Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa to...
Bond Notes

RBZ doubles Bond Note withdrawal limits to $100 per Day

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has doubled the withdrawal limit of bond notes to $100 per day as well as introducing $12 million...
Zimbabwe Protests

Govt, protesters go head-to-head over bond notes

THE government has threatened to crush today’s planned “grand” demonstration over the introduction of bond notes, but Tajamuka/Sesijikile and other organisers have vowed to...

Mugabe ploughs through with bond notes despite resistance

Zimbabwe launched a “bond notes” currency which held its value against the U.S. dollar on Monday, despite warnings that it could cause hyperinflation and...

Bond Notes: Hurricane Mangudya on the horizon

There are two fears engulfing Zimbabweans at the moment: speculation over the imminent arrival of bond notes and, second, their actual arrival.But now that...
bond notes

Bond Notes a disaster says World Currency Expert

ZIMBABWE Independent business writer Taurai Mangudhla   interviewed world-renowned currency expert Steve Hanke (SH), a professor of Applied Economics and co-director of the Institute...

BOND NOTES LATEST:RBZ Governor to announce official release dates

The government will only introduce bond notes into the economy when the central bank is satisfied with levels of public awareness of the new...
bond notes

Bond Notes To Start Circulating In October

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Finance and Economic Development will engage Reserve Bank Governor Dr John Mangudya on submissions made by members of the...

Panic, Shock and Abandon: Bond Notes and the State in Zimbabwe

Currently there is a familiar sense of panic in the major capitals of Zimbabwe. It has been induced largely by the announcement by the...

Bond Notes production hit by delays,New Dates set

Bond notes will start circulating around August 2016 – and not June as previously projected – as their production takes at least four months,...

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