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Nyasha and Olinda

Olinda is behind the Ngoni & Nyasha Video – She Confessed...

Olinda is behind the Ngoni and Nyasha Video - She Confessed on Facebook. Zimbabweans have been taken for a ride yet again by Olinda.This...
Ngoni and Nyasha

Olinda Chapel: Dear Ngoni

Olinda Chapel: Dear Ngoni... Olinda has written a letter to Ngoni and Nyasha after the video of the couple went VIRAL..... Read it below.Dear...


Olinda Chapel is furious after Pokello and her husband, Elikem had a go at her on Instagram yesterday.She said :”When Taka and Pokello had...
Olinda & Tytan

Could Olinda be repeating the same mistake with Tytan?

Olinda Chapel, ex-wife to rapper Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme was feeling a few months ago could be felt from the other side of her Facebook...
Olinda chapel

TYTAN dedicates special video to OLINDA CHAPEL

AFRO-POP musician, Tytan  real name Njabulo Nkomo has recorded a video dedicating it to Stunner’s ex-wife Olinda Chapel.The song talks about a man vowing...

OLINDA claims she has been blocked from Facebook Live

The drama pitting rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme and his on and off wife Olinda Chapel took a new twist on Saturday after she claimed...

Meet The women who allegedly Destroyed Olinda ‘s marriage

The pictures below have started circulating on Social Media of the woman who allegedly wrecked Stunner’s marriage. 

Stunner trashes cheating claims

Talented rapper Desmond Chideme better known as Stunner has responded to a collage of pictures that recently circulated on social media alleging that he...

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