Zim woman in SA criticised on Facebook for showing off Punani in short dress


Zim woman in SA criticised on Facebook for showing off Punani in short dress. Shamiso Shoko decided to show off her weekend things picture on Facebook but people thought it was too much to handle and they decided to crash her BUT she replied:

We live in a free country where you wear what you want and again you must not judge anyone by what she wears. l wear what I want lam a free person in a free country lam not advertising anything. Next time keep that in mind. lf you don’t want to see this please unfriend me # being myself


Shamiso Shoko showing off punani

She is from Zimbabwe but based in Johannesburg and seems things are going well for her. That is if we are considering the pics she posts on social media.

One comment said: Wava kutengesa here nhai mwana wamai iva nehunhu mbijana , gold is found deep down the soil not on top as if u are advertising yourself, I did mean to offend u. He was simply asking her if she is selling her punani or if she was showing of….

But women seemed to be supporting her one Grace Gora said: Nyc pic shamy vakarwadziwa newe havapore, aaah hamunyari mazipenzi apa chanyanyo shamisa chii, Simbi yakabatana vakomana iyo.

What do you think is she wrong wearing that sexxy short dress? Would you allow your lady to wear this expensive dress?

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