Zvikufaya NaKedha denied airplay on radio after refusing to pay Star FM DJ Bribe


Star FM DJ Ollah has come under the limelight for the wrong reasons after denying Zvikufaya NaKedha star airplay on local radio for refusing to pay a $50 bribe.

[12/04 4:11 am] Mkoma Masimba Zvirikufaya Nakedha: Hallo team most of you are wondering kuti why Mukoma Masimba is not featuring pa Diaspora link. Its something beyond my control. DJ wedu Ollah is not taking my calls all becoz l refused to pay him 50usd bribe to be live on air. Pasi ne corruption ???????
[12/04 4:11 am] Mkoma Masimba Zvirikufaya Nakedha: Good people its not good to use state resources kudzvanyirira vamwe. I love Zimbabwe so much l love Glen View so much but cant say anything on air coz jandina kubvisa chioko muhomwe
[12/04 4:11 am] Mkoma Masimba Zvirikufaya Nakedha: Thanks team no worries about. All done lll aproach the relevant offices. Sorry to those who thought otherwise. Star fm is for everybody. One love. Love you all
[12/04 4:12 am] Mkoma Masimba Zvirikufaya Nakedha: Star fm DJ olla exposed. Asking for bribes to accept Diaspora calls on Star fm Radio
[12/04 9:03 am] Z: eish




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