10 years no se_x man cries foul


A City man has sensationally claimed that his wife orders him to get se_x satiation from prostitutes.

Tembo Moyo also claims that for the past 10 years he has not had se_x with his wife Tracy Kangandu who has always denied him conjugal rights.

Tembo said his se_xual feelings have always gone to waste as there has not been any way he has had them satisfied with his wife.


The two have been married for 27 years.

“Shuwa ndosvika kumba yak***ra ndorara husiku hwese here?





“It is not fair that she denies me se_x. She says I have prostitutes and I should satisfy myself there.

“I am a man and I have needs. I love her and I want her back,” Tembo said.

He said although he was old he was still potent in bed and would want Tracy to provide se_x.

I love my wife very much but the problem is that she denies me my conjugal rights. Although I am old I still have feelings,” Tembo said.

He said Tracy had to come back home because she had since moved in with one of their children.

Tracy Kangandu accused Tembo of abuse and vowed not to have se_x with him again.

“Handidi hangu zvebonde naye.

“Ndakura ini ndavakuda kuchengeta vazukuru. Akabva kumahure ake oda kuuya achindi kw***.

“I don’t want to die of HIV. He squanders all his earnings with girlfriends and doesn’t take care of me.

“I will not have se_x with him, never! One of his girlfriends died of HIV and I do not want to have the same fate.

“I will also not go back home with him. I do not want to live a life where I am constantly pestered for se_x. Like I said I am now old and I cannot be having se_x like I used to when I was young,” said Tracy.

All this came to light at the Harare Magistrates Civil Court where Tracy sought protection order against Tembo accusing him of physical and verbal abuse.

She alleged that Tembo assaults her while she is naked and also threatens to burn her with boiling water.

Tracy further alleged that Tembo also insults their daughter using obscene language.

Magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza granted Tracy the protection order she sought.

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