100 Churches face demolition in Harare


Harare Residents Trust has reported that about 100 Church buildings are facing demolitions in Budiriro as the

seek to deal with illegal structures in the city.
100 churches face demolitions in Budiriro. Residents informed the HRT that the Harare City Council came and gave them two weeks notice to evacuate their registered church stands,” said the trust.

“These people confirm that they have been paying rents and bills with the same Council that allocated them the stands wanting to destroy their places of worship. From destroying houses for example the Arlington Estate along airport road they have now turned to churches.


house demolitions
The trust said this shows the insensitive nature of the City Council.

“HRT is alarmed by this, it has come to our attention that the City Council does not care about the social welfare of residents but the question is do they not fear God and how long will they continue with this satanic act?” said the trust.



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