14 year old girl fakes age to have se_x


A 14-YEAR-OLD Mangwe teenager misrepresented her age to her 19-year-old boyfriend in a bid to lure him into having se_xual intercourse with her. The juvenile told Plumtree magistrate Mr Gideon Ruvetsa that she had told Joshua Sibanda who is from Izimnyama area that she was 18-years-old. This was after Joshua had pleaded not guilty to charges of having se_xual intercourse with a minor. He was discharged after the court failed to find incriminating evidence against him.

In his defence, Joshua told the court that he slept with the juvenile without knowing her true age.

“I did not know that my girlfriend was below 16 years as she told me that she was aged 18. I asked her repeatedly about her age and was open with her that I did not want to sleep with an underage girl. However, she insisted that she was 18-years-old until I believed her. Therefore, Your Worship, I did not do anything wrong because she tricked me into having se_xual intercourse with her by giving me a false age,” he said.


Prosecuting, Ms Rose Sibanda said Joshua had se_xual intercourse with the juvenile who is a Grade 7 school drop out on several occasions.

“On a date unknown, but during the period extending from December 2015 to 30 March 2016 Joshua and the juvenile engaged in a relationship. They had se_xual intercourse on several occasions at Joshua’s homestead,” said Ms Sibanda.

She said the juvenile’s mother later became suspicious of her daughter’s association with Joshua and later confronted the juvenile. Ms Sibanda said the juvenile later revealed to her mother that she was having se_xual intercourse with her boyfriend.

In another incident a 21-year-old Mangwe man was sentenced to 420 hours of community service for bedding his 14-year-old juvenile girlfriend. Mbuso Ncube of Embakwe was convicted on his own plea of guilty to having se_xual intercourse with a young person when he appeared before Plumtree magistrate, Mr Livard Philemon.

Mr Philemon sentenced Ncube to 18 months imprisonment of which six months were suspended for five years on condition that he does within the period commit an offence of the same nature. The remaining 12 months were further suspended on condition that he performs 420 hours of community service at Embakwe Clinic.

Prosecuting, Ms Sibanda said Ncube had se_xual intercourse on several occasions with the juvenile who is a Form 1 school pupil at Mqokolweni Secondary School in Mangwe District. She said the matter came to light after the juvenile’s brother found the two lovebirds having se_xual intercourse at Ncube’s homestead during his visit to that place of residence.

Source-Sunday News

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