2 Nawty Sisters – Seduced by my girlfriend’s sis


2 Nawty Sisters – Seduced by my girlfriend’s sis. They thought they were clever or it was just a game to them but in the end it was all smiles for me. I taught them a lesson they will never forget or rather they used me.

I met Sue at a local community college and i was head over heels in a split second. She was beautiful, funny, down to earth and most of all curvy. I went to her and told her straight up how i felt about her. Sue declined my proposal gently saying she needed to at least spend a little time with me before she can commit to anything. I was happy because she didn’t totally blow me off.

And so that meant that most of the times in class we would be together and i would walk her home after school. Things were going on well and we were getting closer and closer. I was glad that the girl of my dreams would soon be mine. I didn’t know that they would be tempting tests ahead before i could have the priviledge to call her mine.


2 Nawty Sisters - They got what they DESERVED

One day on our way from college she invited to come over to her house for some lunch and i was very happy so i said i would in an heartbeat. We got to the house and i was introduced to Paula who looked a lot like Sue, they have the same curvy body and a whole lot of ASSets. But they was something about Paula that was way too different from Sue, when she walked she had that flair of a sexxy model, she oozed sexxiness and i was tempted. But because i was in love with Sue i managed to keep my staring to a minimum so as not to embarrass myself.

I managed to have lunch without any more staring and i thanked God when i managed to walk out of there with Sue next to me arm in arm. She even kissed me on the lips goodbye and i walked home with a third leg in my shorts. My bedroom anaconda wanted more of this women. Infact the anaconda wanted to get deep inside the punani and quench some thirst that have been there for a few months now. I could not remember the last time i had S-E-X so i hope i would score with Sue. When i got home like any other young man i had no option than to relieve the stress the anaconda was feeling. I was fantasising about Sue but right in the middle of the whole thing i saw Paula, her smile and her curves and i lost it.

The next day Sue invited me to come to her house to spend the day as her sister would be away in the next town. I was happy to see her the day after our first kiss as i hope things would escalate to other sexxy level that involved me throwing away my clothes. When i got to her place i knocked on the door and i was surprised when Paula opened the door. She told me to come in and take a seat. I asked where Sue was and she explained that Sue had gone to town and would be back in an hour or so. She also said that Sue had said i should wait for her no-matter what.

I said on a big couch that looked new and Paula said she was going to take a quick shower. As i sat there flipping the channel on the Big Screen TV i caught something in the corner of my eye. I moved my head and checked where the movement was coming from and OMG there it was in front of me. Paula was in the shower singing and funny or rather scary enough the door was open. I could clearly see inside the bath from where i was sitting and little johnny in my trousers wanted some attention of his own. I was afraid to look but most of all i was surprised, how could i be so lucky?

I stole glances but miscalculated my staring when all of a sudden Paula popped up wrapped in a towel but clearly the towel was small as most of them ASSets were fighting to come out. I looked away but she was not having any of it. She shouted, “you claim to love my sister yet you were busy checking me out in the shower, what kind of a man are you?” I am black but that day i turned RED, i didn’t know where to look or what to say. Before i could even come up with anything to say, she shouted again, “Look at me when i am talking to you.” I turned my face to look at her and that is when i saw it, she had let the towel DROP. All the good where on display……

To be continued….

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