2018 it’s do or die, the opposition must unite or perish


If only we had time I would have attempted to play with words and deliver the very same message in a more respectful manner just as my culture demands, but unfortunately time is so desperately working against us.

Dear reader, do not be unnerved that I have included you in “us”. I know you have your reservations when it comes to the opposition but I know deep down, you too are seeking change and yearning for a better Zimbabwe. Now listen carefully, it is our responsibility to exchange notes, try and map a way forward for our country and give advice to our esteemed leaders before it is too late. They seem to be enjoying their time in the opposition, basking in their yesteryear glory but our country cannot endure another Zanu PF government in 2018.

The regime is enjoying watching us waste valuable time hurling insults at one another. It should be common knowledge by now that competing against ourselves is meaningless; there is no honour in being the biggest opposition party, any form of defeat by Zanu PF in 2018 is unacceptable. Expect nothing from Leaders without shame. Zimbabwe and the opposition cannot afford to miss another opportunity; 2018 is swim or sink, do or die for the opposition. Failure to obtain power should spell retirement for many and doom for some. Beyond 2018 there should be a massive reconfiguration of our politics regardless of the outcome of the elections. Zimbabwe our beautiful motherland has been looted, brutally vandalised, and now she is burning with no hope of relief in sight. Robert Mugabe has unashamedly thrown his hat in the ring again for a record umpteenth time. I personally hope that this record will never be broken in the future but with Zimbabwe you can never know. For those who placed their confidence in Zanu PF in the last elections hoping that it would reinvent itself by handing over the reins of power to a younger generation (younger generation in Zanu PF terms) and perhaps start addressing the myriad of challenges facing the nation, it’s rather disappointment and more disappointment. The Zanu PF leadership is more than resolute to continue taking us on this very same path that leads to nowhere and to nowhere very fast. Desperate times call for desperate measures It is our responsibility, collectively as a people, to stand up and take the fight to Zanu PF. For how long shall we allow these fake revolutionaries to take our lives for granted? For how long shall we allow these insensitive petty bourgeoisies to flaunt their ill­gotten wealth whilst we all drown in poverty? It is a must that we join hands with all progressive Zimbabweans to revive the fortunes of our country. The fragmented and disorganised opposition must put its house in order, coalescing around the idea of building a new and prosperous Zimbabwe. After all, we all want relatively the same things.


Our economic blue prints are all written with the same neoliberal outlook. Chief among our objectives is to see the defeat of Zanu PF, the evil blood sucking vampire. Doing the same thing over and again expecting different results is insanity Some people are suggesting that Zanu PF is at its weakest point at this juncture, some are over emphasising the strength of Tsvangirai, deeming the coalition unnecessary and some simply prefer to do nothing under the disguise of not disturbing Zanu PF destroying itself. While all these points at face value make sense, because they hold an element of truth and logic, a simple interrogation of previous elections should show that doing nothing  and waiting for 2018 is sheer foolishness

We lost elections in the past that we thought were impossible to lose. Perhaps it is human nature to be forgetful. We all have at one point in the past forgotten about events we were invited to, commitments we promised to fulfil, appointments we made with loved ones. Dear reader, let me take this opportunity to refresh your memory. We did not win the March 2008 election with a convincing margin albeit it being the fairest election we have had to date. All the conditions were favourable to us, the economy had completely crumbled, shops were empty, food was scarce, inflation was at 11.2 million percent. All cards were stacked against Mugabe and his regime, yet despite all that we failed to win a clear majority in parliament and Tsvangirai just managed to defeat Mugabe. Though the economy is precariously balancing on a thin rope, our current economic situation is far better than it was in 2008. Fast forward to the 2013 elections. We claimed election rigging but to date no evidence has been provided to prove our claims. We disregarded polls that showed we were going to be defeated, even polls from our “said” friends. We lost those elections. It was a dismal performance on our part but then why should 2018 be any different if we do not do something and something drastically different? Since the MDC’s formation the party has split two times, severed ties with some of its traditional allies in the civic society, vakuru vobva vati kunokora hakuzi kudira, teaspoon zvayakapedza gaba resugar wani.

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