225 families left homeless after floods wreck havoc in Beitbridge


The number of households that were affected by the rains that pounded Beitbridge at the weekend has risen to 225 from 200.

About 777 other people are in desperate need of assistance with the Civil Protection Department saying it has put in place strategies to help victims.

Residents of Dulibadzimu were affected by flash floods after the area was pounded by heavy rains over the weekend.


Sewer pipes burst and water supplies to Dulibadzimu were cut off due to the floods.


Tents have been pitched at Dulibadzimu clinic while four more venues which include the IOM reception centre have been identified to provide temporary refuge for victims.

The situation has been made dire by the fact that the Meteorological Services Department has forecast more rains this coming weekend.

Beitbridge’s poor drainage system has been blamed for worsening the flood situation.

Town Secretary Loud Ramakgapola says the council has set aside US$73 000 to sort out the drainage system.

Well wishers and non-governmental organisations are giving assistance in form of clothing, blankets and food.

Meanwhile, the local authority is rendering financial assistance to the victims for the next five days as most people were left with virtually nothing.

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