28 year old singer marries 68 year old Woman in Uganda


Nothing can stand in the way of love, not age not even criticism from social media or others.
Since tying the knot in a civil union in Kampala Ugandan musician Guvnor Ace and his 68-old Swedish bride Mona-Lisa Larsson have become internet sensations.

The couple have had to defend their love from nay-sayers who believe that the young musician is only in the relationship for financial gain.

uganda couple“When we met, I had my own money. I was living well. True, she has her money but I love her for who she is. But we help each other financially, just like other couples do”, the singer told new publisher The Monitor.

“People who love older women hide it. But I am not ashamed of what I am doing. In fact, I like it. We have been together for one year and eight months so there is nothing the media can say that will separate us.”

The two met via Facebook after the musician shared a music video on his page. His now wife then shared and liked the video. They started chatting online and 11 months later Larsson flew to Uganda to meet the man who would become her husband.