3 naughty kids cheat death,survive being run over by train


THREE boys cheated death after they were hit by a train while they took a nap on a railway line in Insuza on Sunday night.

Carlen Moyo, 13, sustained severe head injuries and got his left leg chopped off, while Honest Mhlanga, 9, also sustained head injuries and suspected fractures on both limbs.

Both boys from Njubalala Village in Insuza are admitted at Mpilo Central hospital.


A close source who preferred anonymity said one of the boys asked his friends to accompany him to Sawmills Railway station to meet his mother who was travelling from Victoria Falls.

“The boys decided to lie on the railway line so that they could hear the approaching train from a distance. Unfortunately, the boys fell into a deep sleep until a goods train was a few feet away.

“One of them jumped off the railway line, escaping unhurt, the other one, tried to jump but was hit, sustaining serious injuries in the head and both his limbs, while one was still fast asleep and had his right leg chopped off and also sustained injuries on his head.

NRZ public relations manager Fanuel Masikati said the incident happened at about 11 PM.

“I can confirm the incident which I suppose happened due to negligence by the boys.

“The boys slept on the railway line and did not hear the goods train which came ahead of the expected passenger train. One heard the hooter and jumped off the railway line leaving the two that were injured,” said Masikati.

He said of late, people have been negligent on the railway line resulting in loss of lives.

“Some people have been deliberately jumping onto an oncoming train’s path on a suicide mission, while others have that habit of sleeping on the railway line which is very risky.

“We are appealing to members of the public to desist from sleeping or walking on the railway line, especially with earphones stuck in their ears,” he said.

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