300 Traffic Police Officers Fired


More than 300 traffic police officers were fired for corruption in 2014, and authorities have ordered a new computerised system to monitor all happenings at police roadblocks.

The cops were found guilty – among other breaches of the ZRP Charter – of receiving bribes from motorists who had fallen foul of road regulations.

Some of them are said to have mounted unapproved roadblocks to demand bribes from errant motorists.

Crack teams assembled to fight graft in the force spearheaded the sting on their rogue peers.

The proposed new computer system will function in pretty much the same way tollgates on Zimbabwe’s highways are centrally monitored.

Video cameras will be installed at strategic points to feed images to a central server where authorities can view footage.

A pilot project was commissioned in Harare last Thursday.

Home Affairs Minister Dr Ignatius Chombo told The Sunday Mail that Zimbabwe’s anti-corruption drive had hit top gear in keeping with the 10-point Economic Growth Plan enunciated by President Mugabe in his well-received August 25 State of the Nation Address.

“We have always said corruption cannot be tolerated and perpetrators will be arrested, and corrupt police officers will be dismissed from the force. In 2014, at least 300 police officers were dismissed for receiving bribes, among other corrupt activities. We must admit that we need to computerise the traffic management system and that process is underway. It will enable us to monitor all roadblocks from a central server and plug the operations of rogue elements.”

Dr Chombo said police lenses were also on other sectors of society, with the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission expected to lead the fight.

He said the names of prospective Anti-Corruption Commissioners had been submitted to President Mugabe for his consideration. Parliament’s Standing Rules and Orders Committee interviewed 26 potential candidates on June 2, 2015 and submitted a list to the President.

Interviewees mainly comprised retired senior police and military officers.