Politburo bans social media abuse


HARARE – Zanu-PF has banned its members from using social media to communicate party issues and anyone who defies the directive will be dealt with in line with the party’s rules and procedures.

The party also ordered its members to stop using conventional media on party business without authorisation. This comes in the wake of hyper-tweeting by Higher Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, attacking fellow Cabinet ministers and Politburo members as well as issuing veiled threats on journalists on social media.

This came out of the party’s first Politburo meeting for 2016 held in Harare yesterday.


Speaking to journalists after over 10 hours of intense and frank discussions at the party headquarters, Zanu-PF secretary for Information and Publicity Simon Khaya Moyo said the party also reiterated that it had one centre of power in President Mugabe who is the only elected leader at congress.

“Expressing oneself through the Press, including the use of social media must stop with immediate effect,” said Khaya Moyo.

“Leadership calls for responsibility and not for rumour-mongering and insults. The party has structures and procedures to be religiously adhered to. The party is not run through the Press, so we are not allowing any member of the party at whatever level to run the party through the Press. We must maintain and safeguard our party principles and we must never lose focus so said the President.

“We must always exercise introspection and check within yourself whether what you are saying is based on any facts. In life, there is always room for compromise should you have any differences.

Moyo tweet 1

Some of the tweets by Prof Moyo

Some of the tweets by Prof Moyo

“There must be some degree of maturity based on the party’s principles and procedures. There must be constructive talk all the time. In other words, do not just engage in discussions without being constructive and therefore, talk must be guarded.

“If they (party leaders) don’t listen to these messages, appropriate action will be taken naturally. Anyway, we have structures to deal with that.”

On factionalism, which dominated media headlines in the recent weeks, Khaya Moyo said: “Factionalism must never be allowed in the party because we only have one centre of power. The party’s motto is unity, peace and development.

“Contradictions are possible in such a massive party but these must never be antagonistic as been happening recently. Difference of opinion must never be perpetuated at any given time.”

Khaya Moyo said the Politburo received a report on disciplinary hearings but it was deferred it to the next Politburo meeting.


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