60 year old man leaves behind all his wealth,moves in with young lover


NICHOLAS used to own two houses but now he lives in a backyard shack.

This is because 60-year-old Nicholas Bock’s two sons have kicked him out, forcing him to choose between his young wife, Virginia Bock (33) and a nice place to live.



For Nicholas, there was no choice. “I really love my sweet Virginia and nothing will tear us apart,” he said.

“My sons must just accept it because we are in love for life.”

Virginia echoes her husband’s faith in the power of love.

“I love my Bocky so much. That is why we got married in the first place,” she said.

Nicholas and Virginia got married three years ago.Now his sons have chased him away from the houses at extension 5 in Ennerdale, Gauteng. The couple lives in a storeroom shack that could collapse at any time at his mother-in-law’s house in extension 10.

Virginia said the sons never approved of her dating Nicholas and after the wedding it was worse. She said they have moved at least nine times in the last year but now her mother has agreed to accommodate them.

Nicholas said the shack was not comfortable. “But we don’t have a choice. If they give us a house we won’t bother them. Those houses are mine but I don’t want to fight them. I just want peace,” he said.

Daily Sun spoke to Rodney Bock, one of Nicholas’ sons, who said:“The man knows the situation and there is nothing that can be done to change it.”

Then he added: “F**k him and f**k you,

Source-Daily Sun

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