64 year old man caught with 43kg of Finest High Grade Mbanje


A suspected drug merchant who allegedly grows mbanje at his home on Tuesday appeared before Harare magistrate facing charges of unlawful possession and cultivation of the much loved plant.

Silas John Karambakuwa, 64, was also charged with contravening two sections of the Firearms Act as he does not hold a valid certificate that allows him to possess a gun.

He appeared before magistrate Tendai Mahwe.

The court heard that Karambakuwa of Southerton in Harare was arrested after he was caught stashing 43kg of the substance in a fowl run at his house.

He was expected back in Thursday for bail ruling purposes.

Prosecutor Francesca Mukumbiri alleged that on October 5, police officers from Crime Prevention Unit, Harare North were tipped that Karambakuwa was in possession of dagga at his house.

They went to the house and introduced themselves before conducting a search.

The court heard that a sack containing dagga was recovered from the fowl run.

Karambakuwa was subsequently arrested.

The dagga was weighed at Harare Main Post Office and recorded a total weight of 43,4 kg and has a street value of $4, 340.

Further searches led to the recovery of six dagga plants in Karambakuwa’s yard.

The detectives also found two guns unsecured in a wardrobe and Karambakuwa’s firearm certificates which had expired on March 1, 2003.