9 Zim Boarder Jumpers thoroughly beaten at Botswana Boarder


9 Zim Boarder Jumpers thoroughly beaten at Botswana Boarder. At least nine Zimbabwean men were severely injured when they were whipped on the bum by a chief’s security forces in Botswana, according to a report.

The nine were canned for entering the country illegally.

boarder jumper


The state-owned newspaper, The Herald, reported that one of the victims of the assault, Ezekiel Mukuya, spent three days unable to sit because of the severity of the injuries.

Mukuyu, who worked in Botswana, said he was loaded into a vehicle together with other illegal immigrants and were taken to the homestead of the chief only identified as Nkgageng.

There they appeared before the chief’s community court.

They were then taken to a room and ordered to undress and lie down on the floor before they were all whipped on the bum with switches.

Five women, who were arrested together with the nine men, were not caned but ordered to pay fines, the report said.

Botswana cops confirmed the incident, adding that the country’s chiefs were responsible for giving corporal punishment of six cuts.

Volumes of Zimbabweans cross into Botswana and other neighbouring countries in search for work, as Zimbabwe’s economy continues to deteriorate.

Botswana’s law enforcement agencies conduct patrols along the border with Zimbabwe, as well as urban sweeps, to find illegal migrants.

But deportees quickly find their way back through illegal entry points.