A Sad valentines Day – Read as how a woman FOUND LOVE ONLY TO LOSE IT ON VALENTINE’S DAY


A Sad valentines Day – One day I was walking down the street when a gorgeous man approached me and asked me for my number. So I said yeah and gave it to him and he called me that night and we talked for hours.

He told me how beautiful I was and he wanted to get to know me better. So he took me out two days later and we had a wonderful night. I never felt that way about anyone before. I felt that feeling, that feeling you get when you have butterflies in your stomach and its like they almost hurt. I knew it was love.. So we went out on a couple more dates before we decided to make it official.

About a year and a half later I got pregnant and before I even told him he proposed. I was going to tell him that night. It was so weird how he asked me that very moment. From that night on I knew it was definitely meant to be. My baby was born on the 14th of February and i was glad as we can celebrate her birthday on a day meant for love…

After I had the baby and lost all that baby weight we got married. We had a huge wedding and went on a wonderful honey moon in Paris somewhere I always wanted to go. One night, on our daughters first birthday, he went out on a cold stormy night to buy our baby girl a cake. He was gone for an hour before I started to worry. I called his phone at least a hundred times in a row. He never came home that night. My daughters first birth day was all messed up cause she wanted her daddy and I got no sleep.

I started to assume he was cheating. I cried the whole night long. the police arrived at my house at exactly 6:36 in the morning and told me my husband got in a car crash and died. I had so much running through my head. I was in denial but how was I going to tell my baby her daddy died? And how was I going to deal with it? I felt as if my life was over. I thought about committing suicide but I didn’t want my daughter to grow up with no mother or father. Now its three years later and nobody else has came into my life. I don’t want anyone else.

All I want is for him to walk through that door with my daughters cake and tell me he loves me once more. And for us to celebrate Sabrina’s birthday all night long, for us to open presents and take pictures like he had planned. But I know its impossible for my wish to come true. I loved Mike and I always will.

Me and Sabrina miss you deeply. Thanks for reading my sad love story. I have devoted my life to my daughter and Jesus as i don’t think i will ever find another man like Mike…