Rapper Noble Styles whose $15 billion video went viral has followed it up with a picture of him in a minister’s restaurant.

He said : “Saka THAZA harisati rabuda so decided to eat mu restaurant owned by a Minister …handina mari so will tell them “Mudze boss venyu kuti anongobvisa pa THAZA rangu ranaro” hahaha.”

Noble Styles told NewsDay he was stunned by the overwhelming response to the video. He said: “I am an artiste and when I read the papers about the alleged looting of $15 billion worth of diamonds, an idea just popped in my mind. I then decided to take a light-hearted approach to the harsh realities of life.”



He said the only politics he cared about was putting food on his table. Noble Styles is a wordsmith of repute as evidenced by the punch lines in his songs.

He is currently pushing his debut album, Masofa Panze, which was launched last year.

“The idea of naming my album Masofa Panze is derived from our African culture of putting the couch outside whenever a funeral occurs. So in the Zimbabwean hip-hop circles, I am killing the game, it is a mass murder I am bringing,” he said.

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