Air Zimbabwe handed our kids to a stranger


A HARARE couple has sued Air Zimbabwe (AirZim) for $175 000 for allegedly neglecting two children left under the care of its staff on a South Africa-bound plane.

In the summons, issued under case number HC9956/16 on September 30 this year, the couple said the two minors, whose ages were not provided in the court papers, were neglected by the airline’s staff on and off a flight to Johannesburg, South Africa, in March this year.

Charles and Tsungirirai Banga are now claiming $75 000 for the alleged psychological trauma, pain and suffering caused to their children, while demanding $100 000 for themselves.


air-zimIn the court papers, the couple said sometime in March this year, they purchased two air tickets from AirZim for their two children, who were travelling across the Limpopo to visit their aunt, and an agreement was entered for the minors to be assisted by the airline’s staff.

“In breach of the agreement between the third and fourth plaintiffs (Charles and Tsungirirai) and the defendant (AirZim), the defendant failed to fulfil its obligation in that it failed to provide assistance to the minor children.

“The first and second plaintiffs were left unattended and were not escorted off the flight as agreed. The defendant’s employees connived with a third party, who is not known to the plaintiff, to be with the children, collected their baggage and almost went away with them to an unknown destination.”

The couple also said AirZim staff handed over the children’s travelling documents to the stranger, who assisted with immigration formalities, a decision that resulted in the children being traumatised.

“Despite acknowledging its liability in writing, the defendant has failed to compensate the plaintiffs for the trauma, pain and suffering caused to them,” the couple said.
AirZim has since entered an appearance to defend notice.

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