Akanama beche rangu neSuper Glue – Please Help


Akanama beche rangu neSuper Glue – Please Help. I write this in pain and sorror because my latest husband is beating me and recently akanama beche rangu neSuper Glue after he accused me of cheating.

I was married before and murume wangu wekutanga caught me ndichisvirwa ne this new hubby of mine. My new husband says if i could cheat on my then husband what would stop me from cheating again. So this day he came home drunk and beat me heavy made me lie down and ndokunama beche rangu neSuper Clue…. Akasiya pasmall opening hanzi pekuita napo weti. There is a picture of me below…

Hure reHarare


Please help me Tete Molly i don’t know how to handle this man…. Ask your readers to help me via comments, all are welcome…

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