Alick Macheso announces when he is DROPPING NEW ALBUM


Sungura Maestro Alick Macheso is aware that his fans are no longer patient with his delay to release a new album. Macheso who last released an album in 2012 ,is under pressure from his demanding fans having been making unfulfilled promises over the years.

Having established his own studio in Chitungwiza,the musician maintains that the album will come as a Christmas gift to fans.

Macheso ,who was performing at Jongwe Center over the weekend heard some fans shouting at him ,asking about the new album.


“What about the new album?We want a new album,” a section of his fans were heard shouting.

cheso power

Macheso immediately stopped performing to address the fans and pleaded with them to be patient.The entertainer who is known for his deep metaphors,likened the situation with his fans to that of an unborn child who stays in mother ‘s womb fr 9 months.

“We are working on the album and as you can see we are performing some of the songs .I am pleading with you to be patient and wait until we are done with the album.

“Mudumbu makagara wani 9 months kusvika nguva yakwana .You even wait for God ‘s time in different life situations,” said Macheso.

Speaking to H-metro on the sidelines of the show,Macheso said he is working on putting together enough raw materials for production.He said his idea is meant to counter piracy.

Macheso plans to release a large amount of CDs to curb the high demand for his upcoming album and avoid running out of stock.As soon as that is complete the album will be released.

Source-H metro

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