All set for Joshua Nkomo 18 anniversary celebration of his passing on


All has been set for the late Vice President Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo 18th anniversary after his death in July 1999 as people will gather in Kezi his rural home in Matabeleland South to celebrate his life.

Nkomo died in 1999 after suffering from cancer. The nation has always celebrated his life on this day and his family members and various groups formed in his honour have organised a celebration function in his rural home tomorrow.




As the nation celebrate Nkomo’s life, there have been out cries that his efforts, suffering and sacrifices he made to liberate the country have gone to waste as the ruling Zanu Pf has taken the nation back to now black colonisation of other blocks.

People say Zanu PF has been more oppressive than the Ian Smith regime as this has even resulted to serious economic crisis which people never experienced during the Rhodesian era.