Allowing Grace Mugabe to be president would be madness – Thomas Mapfumo


Exiled Chimurenga music legend Thomas Mapfumo says having First Lady Grace Mugabe taking over as president from her 92-year-old husband (Robert Mugabe) would be absolute ‘madness’ and Zimbabweans cannot allow that to happen.

A faction of the ruling Zanu PF party known as Generation 40 (G40) is angling to have the First Lady succeed her ailing husband. Although Mugabe’s wife has on several occasions denied having any presidential ambitions its widely believed she is pushing that agenda.

Speaking to Nehanda TV in the UK, on the sidelines of a concert in Leicester, a straight talking Mapfumo said “If people allow Grace Mugabe to be president then they are mad. Hazviitike, hakuna zvinhu zvakadaro (never, there will never be something like that).”


Asked if he was convinced Grace Mugabe could never be president, Mapfumo said “hakutongwe nezvinhu zvakadaro – we cant be ruled by things like that

He said Mugabe had failed and it was now time for young blood with fresh ideas. “We cant have a situation where someone says because my husband is dying I must take over.”

Mapfumo said he and others supported Mugabe during the time they were in Mozambique because they were fighting to liberate Zimbabweans from colonial rule. He says once the country was liberated, Mugabe and his colleagues started behaving like they owned the country and yet the country belonged to the people of Zimbabwe.

“When you fight a war of liberation, you give the country back to the people. It is then the people who should decide what they want in their lives. Right now there is no freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of everything.”

“The problem is we stood with this person for 35 years while they messed up. Everything he touched went bad. Musicians were surviving okay selling their music but now the biggest culprits in music piracy are people in government, they saw an opening to loot.”


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