Alvord Mabena caught in niece se.xual assault storm


FORMER National Railways of Zimbabwe general manager and board chairperson, Mr Alvord Mabena (66), has been reported to the police for allegedly se.xually assaulting his niece (21).

 On Wednesday Mr Mabena attacked her at her home in Malindela on Monday morning last week.

Mr Mabena said  yesterday  he was not aware of the matter and was hearing about it for the first time.

 The woman said Mr Mabena arrived at the house and found her with a maid.

“My Uncle (Mr Mabena) had brought firewood and was with his gardener. He asked me where my mum and granny were and I told him they were away,” said the woman.



alvord-mabena“We left the maid and his gardener offloading the firewood and we went into the house as he had asked for a drink. In the house, he grabbed me and f0ndled my breasts and bum.”

She said she was stunned and begged Mr Mabena to stop but he was too strong for her.She said she started crying and escaped into her bedroom where she locked the door.

“Later I went out to help in offloading the firewood and he came and asked for water. As I’m [sic] putting ice into the water, he comes behind, grabs me and presses me against the sink. He’s grabbing me and asks me to kiss him… He unzips his trousers and asks me to touch his d**k. Funny thing is he’s pressing me against the sink and wants to j3rk off on me,” said the woman.

She said as soon as he left, she cried and called a friend who told her mother about the se.x attack.

“My mum told my uncle in the UK. Even today, I don’t think he (Mr Mabena) was in his right senses. What he wanted to do is tab0o in our African culture,” she said.

She said family members tried to stop her from making a police report but her uncle, a Mr Ncube, phoned Hillside Police Station from the UK on Wednesday last week and reported the matter.The woman said her mother suffered a mild stroke after she heard the news.

The Chronicle has WhatsApp chats forwarded by some family members in which one of the relatives verbally attacked the victim for letting the matter be reported. The relative accused her of trying to destroy Mr Mabena’s marriage.

In a WhatsApp audio  the woman’s grandmother is heard castigating Mr Ncube for trying to push police to act on the matter.Mr Ncube in the UK and he said he smelt a rat.

“I spoke to a cop called Dingilizwe Mpofu. Later he refused to give me the case number. Days later, I called, he said the matter had gone to court and Mr Mabena had got a suspended five year sentence,” said Mr Ncube


Mr Ncube said some relatives had even informed the woman’s grandmother about the alleged sentencing and she said the law had taken its course.“I find it very strange that the cop would lie. What does he have to gain?” he asked.

“This issue has traumatised my niece. Although she is trying to be brave and laugh about it, those of us who know her can tell she is under a lot of stress.”

Last night, Mr Mabena’s lawyer, Mr Josphat Tshuma, called The Chronicle with a different story.

“The matter was reported to the police and they investigated and found no evidence. It went to court and the area prosecutor threw it out due to lack of evidence,” said Mr Tshuma.

Asked why Mr Mabena had said he was not aware of the matter, he said he had not been aware it had gone that far.

Pressed further to comment on how police and the prosecution could have concluded that there was no evidence without speaking to Mr Mabena, he said the alleged assailant had denied knowledge of the story because he had become “naturally defensive” when The Chronicle called.

“You don’t have the investigative capacity of the police and prosecution. If they threw the case out, it means it has no merit and if you go on to publish it, it would be out of malice and you can be sued,” said Mr Tshuma.

The area prosecutor, Mr Simon Nleya last night said the matter had been concluded.“It was concluded, that is all I can tell you,” he said.

Bulawayo Police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed police received a report of the incident.

“We received a report of a man who allegedly indecently assaulted his niece. The matter is now with the judiciary,” said Insp Simango.

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