Amai Nhamba instant hit for love portions


SINGLE and searching ladies have found hope of catching their “Mr Right”. A self-styled sex therapist, identified as Amai Nhamba, has become an instant hit with the ladies in Harare. Mai Nhamba sells a variety of love portions that are meant to attract men! But she prefers to conduct her business discreetly.

Amai Nhamba (left) sells love portions and she claims that one of her concoctions, called “Come Come”, can lure any man. However she spotted her in the middle of a transaction outside Ebony Hair Salon located along Julius Nyerere Way. She was selling the herbs to some sleek ladies and they were doing it on the “down low”. She is said to be a frequent visitor at the salon where she targets the women who will be having their hair dos.



Ama-NhambaAmong her cocktail of love portions is one called “Come Come”, and it is believed to lure any man. In an interview with one client who refused to reveal her name, once you use the ‘Come Come’ all men will not resist you. “All you have to do is give the guy a hug and he would want to hug you forever.

It has worked for me and my man is head over heels. “He tried to play hard to get at first pretending to be faithful to his wife but once I used the ‘Come Come’, he is now mine forever,” bragged the young lady who was on her way out from Ebony Hair Salon where she was having a manicure.

H-Metro phoned Amai Nhamba posing as prospective customers and she gave H-Metro the price list and she spoke highly on the effectiveness of her herbs. She said that the “Come Come” was going for US$5, “Chinamira” and the rest of other herbs were pegged at US$3.

“With the ‘Come Come’, you will never go wrong. “Come to the Canaan Western Rank and I will sell you the stuff right now,” said Amai Nhamba.  Her clientele is believed to include the top bracket members of the society. Amai Nhamba also sells some herbs which “recycles” virgins.

“She also sells this herb which tightens the vagina and you will be a virgin once again,” revealed a client. She seems to have defied science because scientifically, the hymen cannot be mended once it’s broken! Amai Nhamba is certainly what the doctor ordered for the women out there.

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