AMMARA Brown breaks her silence and speaks out on leaked se_x ta_pe


AMMARA Brown’s handlers say they will not lose sleep following the circulation of a se_x tape in which the diva’s lookalike is romping with an unidentified man.
Ammara has been mistaken for the lady recorded having se_x and the images have gone viral on social media.

As of yesterday, Ammara’s camp had planned to hold a press conference which was altered after discovering that the majority of her fans had disassociated her from the drama.
”We have called off the press conference that we initially slated for today (yesterday), the conference was meant to project Ammara’s position in regards to her person being tarnished.

”This is not something anyone can take lightly but Ammara’s fans and the rest of the Zimbabwean community has helped her find her feet and walk with her head up once again, “said her publicist Tsungi Zvobgo.Zvobgo described the nature of the rumour as untrue and meant to tarnish Ammara.


ammara-brown”This has somehow negatively impacted on Ammara, no lies on that, she wouldn’t do a thing like that; not in this life or thereafter.

We want to plead to her family, close friends, fellow musicians and fans that they should not accept the lookalike as Ammara but only as a case of mistaken identity, “she said.

Tsungi also blasted social media users who blew the unfortunate incident describing them as cheap.It’s a pity how us, Zimbabweans are slowly becoming cheap by the day, how can one blow things out proportion and further implicate an innocent soul.

“Let us desist from tarnishing other people’s lives and focus on our own, “she said.

The singer, who has of late found her fame through collaborations such as Mukoko, Bhachura and Kure, says she is rather focusing on her trip to Dallas, US.

”I am leaving Harare tomorrow (today) for Dallas, USA, where I am expected to perform at the Zimbabwe Achievers Award ceremony this weekend, “she said.

In the leaked se_x tape, a mixed race woman, who is being mistaken for Ammara, is seen having sex with her black partner at an unidentified location. According to reports on social media, the woman has been identified as Amari Harrison and the man as Jeremy and they have links in distributing po_rnographic material.

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