Ammara Brown claims equal rights to Mukoko


Ammara Brown says she has equal rights as Tytan to song, Mukoko, as it is a collaborative effort between the two and not a feature by her.

She was responding to calls for her to stop performing the track without Tytan, a musician who some claimed to be the rightful owner of the song.

Many felt that only Ammara – a now established artiste – was benefiting from the collaboration at the expense of Tytan – a novice who approached Ammara for the duet.


“Mukoko is a duet. Tytan and Ammara share equal rights and ownership to this particular project. It’s not a feature song, but an equal collaboration between the two artistes with Jusa Dementor on production. That still remains the case,” said Ammara’s manager, Tsungi Zvobgo.



When the song came out, it was marketed as a project by Tytan and Ammara Brown. The nature of such a partnership means that both artists can do what they like together and separately to push it for the benefit of both.

“It’s not necessary for Tytan or Ammara to start a Mukoko performance with a short speech or disclaimer about who partnered with who on the song because it is evident for anyone who looks up the song that it is a collaborative effort.”

Zvobgo said Ammara had performed without Tytan at Miss Tourism Zimbabwe simply because he was not invited to the event.

“Initially, Miss Tourism organisers asked for Tytan to perform Mukoko with Ammara. However, they did not follow through with booking him for the performance which is something that’s not in our control.

“We’re not sure where the debate about ownership of the song began, but we readily acknowledge Tytan’s massive role in the project. We’ve never had any intention of taking anything away from him in that regard,” he said


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