Andy Muridzo fails to pay studio


Upcoming musician Andy Muridzo has come under fire from a local studio, Calino Music Recording Stable, for failing to pay for recording fees.

The musician reportedly recorded four songs from his latest album “Ngarizhambe” at the studio and is failing to pay for the songs.

Studio spokesperson Isheunopa Jera said the musician was now evading paying them their dues and has not been picking up his phone.


“He owes us more than $400 and ever since he released the album he is now playing games. It is very sad that the musician is failing to be professional,” he lamented.

However, Jera who also played keyboards on the songs during recording sessions, could not produce any contract or paper work that showed they had an agreement with the young entertainer.

“He had come through a friend of mine so we did it in good faith but now he is running around. He switches off his mobile phone each time we try to call him,” he said.

The studio is mulling legal action against the musician.

“We are engaging our legal team over the issue because he has failed to come and settle the debt. He is enjoying the success of his album, getting shows, so he should come and pay for the studio,” he said.


Muridzo’s manager Simbarashe Norman Nyaunga confirmed the issue but said they were offered to record for free.

“Yes we recorded four songs for free. Unfortunately the songs were not used on the album,” he said.

He said all their songs on Muridzo’s second album were recorded at Maselo studios.

“We are not on the run as they say because we are having shows. We later transferred the songs to Maselo studios and there was no need for us to pay them,” he said.

Nyaunga accused several people of taking advantage of the young musician’s success to come up with several stories.

“People are just taking advantage of Muridzo’s young age to victimise him. They should celebrate the success of our album not to come up with fabricated stories,” he said.

He said his group was not miffed by such allegations, which were becoming a daily occurrence.

“Promoters, producers and other artistes are coming with different stories against us but we will work hard to please our fans,” he said.

Muridzo is riding high with his album with songs “Dhelila” and “Dhafudhunda” being played in most public places.


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