Angry kombi driver strikes cop with a brick


A GWANDA municipality security officer was on Thursday hit by a brick on the head and sustained injuries when a commuter omnibus driver who was angry after his vehicle was clamped over unpaid tickets attacked him.

Mr Richman Ngulube (33) was part of a team of municipal police who were on patrol at the taxi rank clamping commuter omnibuses and pirate taxis that had outstanding debts to council.

He was reportedly struck on the head with a brick allegedly by Melusi Nyathi (22) of Spitzkop who pirates between Gwanda and West Nicholson. His colleagues and other kombi drivers came to his assistance when they rushed him to Gwanda Provincial Hospital for treatment.


Nyathi was arrested.

Matabeleland South police spokesperson Inspector Philisani Ndebele confirmed the incident and urged drivers to comply with council rules rather than assault officers.


“We received a report where Richman Ngulube was assaulted by Melusi Nyathi on Thursday at around 9am. The vehicle was parked behind Gwanda Hotel at an undesignated parking zone and the council officer went and clamped it. He was hit with a stone and sustained a deep cut on the head. We urge drivers to respect the rules of the road and approach the council authorities if they have a problem with the workers,” said Insp Ndebele.

In an interview with Sunday News at Gwanda Hospital where he is admitted, Mr Ngulube said he was in pain and could not stand on his own because of the injury he sustained.

“We had left for clamping pirate taxis which had not paid debts with three of my colleagues. We clamped two kombis at the Engen Garage and some of the drivers ran away with their cars before we could clamp them, we couldn’t chase them.

“One of the drivers became emotional and started shouting that we were fighting with him. He questioned why we had clamped his car and left others. I explained to him that we were only reminding him of his debts and nothing else, I advised him that if he had queries he should go to the council offices and negotiate a payment plan. He said that my issue with him seems to be personal.”


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