Angry mob attacks two police officers


AN angry mob attacked two Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) traffic police officers at Basch Street Terminus popularly known as Egodini, for reportedly mounting an illegal road-block as well harassing a certain kombi crew.

The mob, consisting of touts, drivers and the general members of the public descended on the two cops accusing them of abusing their powers by setting up an illegal road block.

The officers clad in police uniforms got into trouble the moment they tried to arrest a kombi driver at the rank, saying he had not heeded to a stop sign stop at a road-block.


“They followed the driver from a certain road-block to arrest him. This did not go down well with some of the onlookers at the rank,” said a witness, Jabulani Dube.

He said the mob then apprehended the two and began assaulting them with clenched fists and booted kicks.

“All I heard was whistling and cheering, when I came closer to the mob I saw two policemen being beaten up,” said Dube.

Another witness, Hebert Mpofu said the two cops had become notorious for harassing kombi crews at the rank.

“I think the people were fed up. Assaulting law officers is a serious crime but the officers had it coming as well,” said Mpofu.The officers managed to escape unharmed in a Toyota Hilux double cab.

After the debacle two kombis hastily left the terminus which onlookers suspected had the people  ones who were beating up the police.

“These kombi which left the terminus, their drivers could be ones who were beating up the police officers and they fear that the two traffic police could come back with anti riot squad to return the favour,” said one witness at the scene.

However such scenes are not new at Egodini as touts are well known for such mischief.

Onlookers said touts and drivers are well known for doing mob influenced performances especially on women said to be wearing “skimpy” costumes.

“One lady had her skirt torn off by one of the touts because he said it was too revealing and since she wanted to walk naked she was helping her by tearing it  off,” remarked a bystander.

“Luckily one of the women who sells there gave her a cloth to wrap it around before she went to buy another one.”

Bulawayo ZRP spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango has not yet responded to a written inquiry by Radio Dialogue regarding the incident.

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