Anointed salt causes dead phone to start working


A VIDEO of a Harare woman is doing rounds on social media claiming that her mobile phone was fixed after applying salt from a prophet.

She said her cellphone had developed a fault and was no longer functioning and that some technicians had failed to repair it until she applied salt.

The woman is a member of Prophet Emmanuel Mwale’s Unity Apostolic International Church who is behind launch of the salt that has torched controversy.


Mwale confirmed having sight of the video that has attracted mixed reactions and criticism.

“This is what I have been saying all along that the salt can be used in any situation.In this case,it was used to repair a cellphone.The testimony is there for many to see.This is just salt that has been prayed for,”he said.

Mwale is on record saying that salt,combined with milk has been behind many success stories in business and has the power to help se_xual problems.

“I know we have been criticized for using the salt and milk in our church but this is as per direction.I do not just wake up and say today we are using water or milk but these things are given to me in spirit,”he said.

Ever since the launch of the salt,the man of cloth said several people have been flocking his church seeking to have a sachet for the use in their homes and that many have been healed.

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