Another ‘customer’ robbed in the Avenues


Two suspected hookers plying their trade in Harare’s Avenues area yesterday appeared in court for robbing their client, barely a week after three other se_x workers were arrested for stealing from a cop. Rudo Chutima, 31 and Anna Bandera appeared at the Harare magistrate court answering to charges of robbing Dickson Nyanjenja of Epworth.

The duo denied stealing US$103 from Dickson when they appeared before magistrate Arnold Maburo. Rudo told the court that she met Dickson in Harare’s Avenues area and he asked her for se_x before they agreed to go to her apartment. She said they only picked a misunderstanding after she failed to contend with Dickson’s demands considering the money he was offering.



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I met him and asked if he could have sex with me. I told him that I was at work I wanted money for the se_x services. He agreed and we went to my apartment. We had se_x and after we had finished he asked me if I can afford him a bl_ow-job. I told him it was going to cost him US$10. He then offered to pay US$2 and I refused. He then raised the offer to US$3 but I denied. He started refusing to leave and that is when he started accusing me of stealing his money,” she said.

Anna also denied the allegations saying she was nowhere near Dickson and only got closer to him when she asked for money to buy sadza. The state led by Idah Maromo had it that on 23 July Anna and Rudo met Dickson along Central Avenue. The two reportedly asked for money from Dickson. He reportedly told them that he was broke and had no money with him. Rudo and Anna are alleged to have grabbed Dickson and started searching him. Allegations are that they took his US$103 and ran away. They were later arrested and taken to court charged with robbery. The duo is expected to appear in court today for trial continuation. Rudo and Anna are out on US$50 bail.

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