Artistes ready for UK Summer Splash


Several musicians converge for the UK Summer Splash 2016 that will be hosted by TDS Vibes next weekend in the UK.

Top Zimbabwean entertainers Killer T, Seh Calaz, Ammara Brown, Tytan, Nox and Judgement Yard are set to perform at the event.

Killer T through his manager Kudzai Biston said they were ready to thrill their fans in the UK.“Chikorobho” hit maker is still enjoying the success of his album “Ngoma Ndaimba”.


Before the album release, genre fanatics had written him off with the album turning the fortunes of the “Tirikumhanya” singer.

Both local and international tours are the order of the day for the former tout.

Biston said they were ready for the show that is likely to be explosive.

“We have the best artistes here on the show and the chairman is geared up for it,” he said.



Dancehall has been looked down upon but to be honest it has changed the life of several youths. If you see its transformation to clean lyrics — has brought fruits,” he said.

Biston said it was good to be sharing the stage with Zimbabwe’s finest musicians.

“Sharing the stage with finest musicians from our country is good. As artistes we learn a lot from each other,” he said.

Seh Calaz said he was taking the opportunity to launch his album “Nguva Yangu” in the Diaspora.

Tytan said the show was a reflection of brighter days ahead of his career.

“It is always good for us artistes to work with results. Am happy to be part of the tour,” he said.

Meanwhile a massive farewell gig has been set for City Sports Bar on Saturday.

Event organisers said it was important to first honour artistes before they go and perform in the foreign lands.

“It is good we have managed to organise a farewell for these guys. We have to honour them first before they go and perform there,” he said.

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