Harare Mayor, Ben Manyenyeni says it would be sad if all Pastor Mawarire proved was that it was a high risk to try to oust President Mugabe.

He said : “I think the flag pastor was a necessary part of the struggle. There were always going to be doubts about his past and future – authentication.The struggle needs everybody (there are definite risks associated with the biggest tent you can get).




I was at the courts for his trial. An observation which I posted elsewhere is that the bulk of the Pastor E crowd is very different from the long­suffering crowd that has been in the struggle fot a new Zimbabwe.That crowd is unlikely to face teargas or throw stones and cannot imagine being arrested. But it is a necessary constituency for this phase of the struggle.

I am sure that any vacuum left by the intriguing departure of the flag pastor is filled soon. All those who came into the struggle because of him find reason to stay the journey whether he remains in it or not (here or in exile). Sad day if the net result of his crusade was to prove to Zimbabweans that this thing is high risk!”

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