Avenues couple busted accommodating 15 hookers in one bed roomed flat


A COUPLE accommodating 15 hookers in their one bed roomed apartment is offering free accommodation to hookers on condition that they buy dangerous drugs worth $50 daily.Following a tip-off,police raided Flat 9 at Hendon court along Livingstone avenue and arrested the couple Daphine Chivhunga and Tapiwa Chivhunga.

The two are reportedly supplying cocaine and rock drugs to various ladies of the night.The dealings came to light after one of the hookers Nyasha popularly known as Bams teamed up with her colleague identified only as Noku under the influence of drugs and attacked a police officer who had attended a scene where a man had been extorted of cash.

The two hookers were earlier on taken to Harare Central police station yesterday where they are leading police with investigations.


Upon arrest,in the presence of H-Metro,Tapiwa and Daphine admitted supplying the illicit drugs to the ladies of the night saying it was one way they found better to get cash.

“I joined my wife in selling the drugs after I found it a better means of earning a living than kuita zvimwe zviyazviya,’said Tapiwa a former convict of other offences.

“We never hid any drugs before opening the door,it’s only that I was asleep with my wife sevanhu vasina zvimwe zvekuita.

“We are hardly getting the drug supplies these days,”said Tapiwa.

Daphine allowed police to search her room saying she has not been receiving drugs of late admitting that she used to supply the illicit drugs.

I have no reason to lie that I supply drugs to the ladies of the night since most of them including their clients are aware of that as my business,” said Daphine.

“You are free to search the room I have not been receiving supplies for the past weeks.

“I accommodate many girls here uyo Stacy wechidiki musikana wangu webasa,usamutore picture achabva pano nemuchato.

“Some of the ladies are accommodated at two of my flats at Kennedine along Central Avenue.I have nothing to hide,I am a Christian iyo picture yaFather wangu iripa door iyo,’said Daphine.

Impeccable sources told H-Metro that Nyasha bought drugs worth US$12OO from Daphine one day and fell sick before teaming up with Noku and attacked a police officer.

“Mbuya Chivhunga vari kuuraisa vasikana vemuma Avenues nema drugs,as we speak all the hookers being accommodated in her apartment are staying there for free on condition that they buy drugs worth $50 a day,’said the source.

“The hookers nursing babies use drugs to let their babies sleep so as to find enough time to hook men for sex in that room.

“Men enjoy marijuana in the room after having se_x with the ladies and Daphine along with Tapiwa get more money for that.

“They have employed a teenager to cook food which is served for free to ladies and men since they get cash from selling drugs.

Daphine is heartless maybe because she never gave birth and is aging although she lives with Tapiwa and seeing babies being drugged in not a thing of concern to her.

“The flat belongs to one Simba Negavi and families accommodated at Hendon court are complaining about the behavior of the ladies after taking drugs.

Source-H Metro

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