Two musicians Braveman Chizvino, known as Baba Harare, and Pamela Zulu, known as Gonyeti, who both left Jah Prayzah to form their bands have united for shows.

The two formed their outfits after leaving the 3rd Generation band.Tonight they have a joint show at Club Veritas in Westlea and a lot is expected at the show.Since forming their two outfits, this will be their first time to share stage.

Gonyeti’s manager Filda Muchabaiwa said it was good to share the stage with Baba Harare, their former workmate.“Our relationship with Baba Harare was always cordial.“We have worked together well and we are proud to be sharing the stage for the first time at Club Veritas this Friday (today),” she said.



BABA-HARAREShe said they would continue sharing the stage both in and outside Harare.“We are working hard to give fans good music.”Baba Harare said he is happy to unite with his former workmate, adding that their stage relationship would give fans good entertainment.

“I have always had a cordial relationship with Gonyeti since our days at 3rd Generation.

“I am happy that though we started our own things, we are starting a new chapter.“We are trying to bring new things altogether,” he said.Club owner Edward Mutukwa said it was a humbling experience to have the two musicians at his place.

“It is quite good to have the two musicians at the place because their combination might give people a different sound,” he said.

He believes joint shows are the way to go as the musicians give people different acts.

“We always want more from these guys because when they left their former work place a lot was said and it’s their time to prove their critics wrong,” he said.Meanwhile, B5 in Budiriro hosts Peter Moyo as he samples new songs from his upcoming album that will be released in April.

“I am doing vocals this week and we are almost done.“We want people to get the best from Utakataka Express,” he said.The Young Igwe, as the musician is fondly known, started this year on a high note with most of his shows getting fair crowds.