Bed and se_x for $1.50 at Gazaland Shopping Centre


WITH the harsh economic environment engulfing the entire country, desperate prostitutes are now charging just a dollar for se_x which they offer in abandoned old vehicles.

While Zimbabweans have been known to find ways to eke out a living in the most dire of circumstances, the se_x trade appears to be getting more bizarre by the day and prostitutes are so daring that they can indulge in se_x anywhere as long as there is cover of darkness.

In Highfield at the popular Gazaland shopping complex, se_x workers have resolved to charge $1,50 for “bed” and se_x.


The unconventional bed is the back of worn-out abandoned vehicles left to rot at the multi-activity centre that accommodates hundreds of informal workers.

According to the se_x workers the $0, 50 cents is for guards who claim ownership of these abandoned cars while the $1 is for a “short time.”

“These days, things are tough, men were even complaining when we were charging $5 so you have to compromise,” said one se_x worker who insisted she be identified as Sasha.
“So zvitorinani than kuti ndishaye client (the little money is better for me than to fail to get a customer),” she said

Some of the se_x workers who opened up only after much persuasion said the meagre price augments what they usually get from “permanent customers” who take care of their rentals, children’s fees and general upkeep.

In Epworth, the thriving se_x trade has also taken a new twist with se_x workers in the high-density surbub charging as little as 80 cents.

Recently, Epworth Member of Parliament Zalerah Makari held a convention for over 100 se_x workers who she promised to help start small to medium enterprises such as sowing and psychomotor-based business to keep them off the streets.

Accommodation at tertiary institutions is limited resulting in most students seeking alternative lodgings which expose them to prostitution.

Students canvassed by the Weekend Post disclosed that se_x had become the medium of exchange for one to get good grades, a decent meal, free rides to school and free accommodation.
Alarmingly, male students admitted engaging in homose_xuality in exchange for money.

While parents have been begging their children to bear with them and understand the hardships, some students have crumbled under pressure and are now engaging in prostitution in order to make ends meet.

Zinasu president Alistair Pfunye said if government subsidised students’ fees some of these social ills would be eradicated.

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