Beitbridge man rapes brother’s wife


A ZIMBABWEAN man, who coveted his brother’s wife and ra_ped her on their way to South Africa late last year, was yesterday slapped with an effective 15-year jail term by Beitbridge regional magistrate Joseph Mabeza.

The court heard that sometime in November last year, the rapist, who was employed in South Africa, was on holiday in Zimbabwe when his younger brother, also working in that country, asked him to bring along his wife on his way back.

He then asked his 18-year-old sister-in-law to meet him at Birchenough Bridge from where they would travel together to South Africa.


On the same day at around midnight, the two arrived at Beitbridge Border Post, where the rapist booked a room and invited her inside as they awaited transport to take them to South Africa.

Craving for his brother’s wife, the man closed the door from inside and raped her once.

The woman then reported the matter to the police, leading to his arrest.

In his defence, which was dismissed by the court, the man accused his sister-in-law of concocting the charge to cover up for her promiscuity.

Pernson Chekeya prosecuted.


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