BEV SIBANDA:The other side you never knew


Dancer Bev Sibanda is an orphan who has hustled her way to the top of her game.Bev, who is on a three week tour in South Africa, has managed to buy her own house and drives a car. Zanu PF politician, Acie Lumumba named her as a game changer in Zimbabwe.

Bev Sibanda on Stage

He said :There is a side to this story most people don’t know. Bev is a licensed exotic dancer by the Censorship Board of Zimbabwe making what she does more legal than the enterprises most of us are in. She performs for adults above 21 and has never taken her art to inappropriate platforms.


Aged 7 she lost her mother, moved in with step-siblings that abused her and would refuse to pay her school fees, before 14 Bev had lost both parents and the only talent and escape she had was dance, she was known for her elastic flexibility and rhythmic sway.

She’s doesn’t drink and never has, her reason for living is her son whom she works hard to provide a future for. Last year she was invited to perform at the Harare International Carnival where she won the Best Contemporary Group award. She is now a proud owner of her own property and car.

Well done Bev, in a world that doesn’t offer to help you but quick to judge you there are some of us who have your back. You have created and carved your own space with your gift to dance, so don’t ever stop dancing

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